Get Ideas on Flower Bed Design

Flower bed design
Flower bed design

Flower Bed Design

For starters, raised flower beds can help you out if you have challenging soil or if you have existing drainage troubles. They might also be laid out to be appealing as well as pragmatic, and when strategically positioned. They can enhance the natural splendor of your yard, or draw the eyes away from a less desirable area.

Raised Flower Beds Design

Raised flower beds are not simply for flowers as the name hints, rather they are an excellent way to produce herbaceous plants and veggies as well. Many people – if you say raised flower beds – think of maybe a stepped flower bed, or something of that sort. In fact, these ‘beds’ can be virtually any form or design that you can imagine. The kind of material you use to create your raised flower beds may enforce some limitations on the designs you can afford.

The design of your raised flower bed might be elegant, simple or anywhere in between. Some materials that you could choose to build it from may cause limitations to your design flexibility.

Raised Bed Cedar

Cedar is an outstanding choice for building raised flower beds, and while it is appealing and durable, it’s increased cost might eliminate it from several people’s budgets. Several people make their flower beds from railway ties or pressure treated wood.

While a few people have brought up fears regarding the chemical substances utilized in treating the lumber, for a strict flower bed the majority people don’t seem to mind as flowers aren’t eaten. This could be a legitimate concern if you plan to use your raised bed for raising veggies.

Now, of course, you could always choose to build a raised bed that is more unique. You could look around your property, or as observed previous someone else’s. You may be able to find many fetching materials to build your raised bed from.

Flower Bed Design

One that has been used very successfully is decorative stone. Several people have experienced success and uniqueness building with slate or plain old rock. Others have selected to use bricks or blocks. Mortar can be needed with several of these materials, while others do well enough when only being stacked.

While it is a widely accepted practice to limit the height of a raised flower bed to less than eighteen inches, it is certainly not written in stone. There are many ways to build a higher raised bed. That may include the multiple layered beds, building on the side of a hill, using tie-in methods to ensure stability.

Garden Materials

The first thing you need to do is design your bed, then do some research and obtain your building materials. Now you’re ready to build your raised flower bed. The place to start is with verifying your bed can be battened down to the ground. This is most usually done with a ditch having a depth that grants for a couple inches of material to be buried. Then you simply continue with the layers.


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